Telephone.TelephoneAttributes Enumeration

Specifies the sub-type of telephone that is associated with the telephone number.

public enum Telephone.TelephoneAttributes


Member NameDescription
NONE Indicates no number.
PREF Indicates preferred number.
WORK Indicates a work number.
HOME Indicates a home number.
VOICE Indicates a voice number. (Default)
FAX Indicates a facimile number.
MSG Indicates a messaging service on the number.
CELL Indicates a cellular number.
PAGER Indicates a pager number.
BBS Indicates a bulletin board service number.
MODEM Indicates a MODEM number.
CAR Indicates a car-phone number.
ISDN Indicates an ISDN number.
VIDEO Indicates a video-phone number.


Namespace: MichaelEatonConsulting.vCard Namespace

Assembly: vCard.dll

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