EmailAddress.AddressAttributes Enumeration

Specifies the type of electronic email address.

public enum EmailAddress.AddressAttributes


Member NameDescription
NONE Indicates no number.
AOL Indicates America Online.
AppleLink Indicates AppleLink.
ATTMail Indicates AT&T Mail.
CIS Indicates CompuServe Information Service.
eWorld Indicates eWorld.
INTERNET Indicates Internet SMTP (Default).
IBMMail Indicates IBM Mail.
MCIMail Indicates MCI Mail.
POWERSHARE Indicates PowerShare.
PRODIGY Indicates Prodigy information service.
TLX Indicates Telex number.
X400 Indicates X.400 service.
PREF Indicates preferred email address.
WORK Indicates a work email address.
HOME Indicates a home email address.


Namespace: MichaelEatonConsulting.vCard Namespace

Assembly: vCard.dll

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