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DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition - $9.95

Versions / Features
Feature Pro Lite (free)
Clear the Documents menu Yes Yes
Select specific items to remove from the Documents menu Yes No
Clear manually Yes Yes
Clear the menu at program-defined times Yes No
Clear the menu on startup Yes No
Clear when a new entry is added Yes No
Prompt for confirmation Yes/optional Yes/required
Filters Yes No
Configure the screen saver Yes No
Start the screen saver Yes No
Lock Workstation Yes (requires Win2k or WinXP) No
Log off Windows Yes No
Shut down Windows Yes No
Restart Windows Yes No
Dec 29, 2005
DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition is now only $9.95!

Aug 19, 2004
DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition is released! After many months of test...More
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