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DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition - $9.95


Price Reduced!! DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition is now only $9.95!

DocClear is a program I wrote to solve a nuisance in Windows (since Windows 95). Whenever you open a file in Windows, a link is put in the Documents menu. Whenever a graphic file is saved using your web browser, a link is put in the Documents menu. Clearing it involves opening up a dialog window, changing tabs and then clicking a button. As many documents as I open in a day, this can be a real pain, considering that I normally don't open the same documents over and over.

DocClear sits in the System Tray and either waits for you to right click on it or it will clear the Document menu after a specified amount of time. I have added several nice features, including the ability to selectively delete entries that are placed in the Documents menu.

Other features include starting the program when Windows starts, and of course, the ability to have the program clear the Document menu at specified intervals.

Dec 29, 2005
DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition is now only $9.95!

Aug 19, 2004
DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition is released! After many months of test...More
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