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vCard for .NET

DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition - $9.95

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DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition

Price Reduced!! DocClear Pro 3.0 is now only $9.95!

DocClear is an award-winning utility that allows you to control your Documents menu in several ways.

The problem with the Documents menu is simple: how often do you re-open the same file, especially when it's an image or a Zip file? My guess is not very often. More...


Do you use more than one source code control tool (SourceSafe, Vault, SourceOffSite, etc.) with Visual Studio? Do you get frustrated when... More...

vCard for .NET

vCard for .NET is a 100% C# assembly that conforms to the vCard 2.1 specification. More...

Dec 29, 2005
DocClear 3.0 Pro Edition is now $9.95!
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